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L.I.R.Z TCHNOLOGIES Ltd. (TOP-PATENTS) has been established after many years of engaging in the planning and registration of patents, development of products and technologies, business development and raising investments, raising state funds, raising credit.
The company has almost 30 years of experience, and maintains technological as well as business capabilities and connections in many countries.
The company has developed work and design methodologies that are unique in the patent and products development world, which have been successfully tried in recent years in a variety of domains.
The Company brings into the technological, industrial and business intellectual property/patents world a different and unique approach that constitutes a relative and important advantage for the connection required to be made between the entrepreneur/inventor/idea/patent/company and the relevant markets or potential customer for the product. The patent/product development process is a graded and synchronized evolutionary process comprised of a number of parameters that vary in a very individual manner for each idea/patent/product/project and technology.
Top Co. operates as a management and leading entity of technological patents and ventures in four key areas:
  • Design and registration of the patent in the optimal manner.
  • Design and development of the product or technology.
  • Business marketing design and development.
  • Raising investments - state grants, state guaranteed financing, raising investments.
The Company acts for maximal optimization and basing the patent's foundations - creating the best “D.N.A” for the idea/patent/project/company.
The Company sees the connection and personal accompaniment vis-a-vis the customer/inventor/company, and the close relations with it, to be a dominant part in the characterization and understanding of the idea and turning such into strong/original product/s having great business potential.
Finance solutions
Projects, businesses and companies require financial back and good available financing capabilities; we offer a variety of solutions for all of the project/business/company’s financing needs.
Finance raising:
The Company has the highest capabilities in raising business financing from various sources, credit and state grants.
A variety of financing solutions:
  • Bank Credit
  • State guaranteed loans
  • State grants
  • Private investments
  • Investment Funds 
IP – Technology – Business          
Top Co. believes that the basis for success in the technological business world (products, technologies, industry) is creating optimal integration between the four elements below:
  • Intellectual property/patent (IP).
  • Technology.
  • Business development. 
  • Finance raising.
Structured work integrating these elements will bring the best results for any project, invention, patent and technology and/or business company.
The inventor’s/company’s “intellectual know-how” is the most important and basic asset behind every patent/product and/or good industry. Only a well-structured and synchronized work process from the start, which integrates the key and most dominant elements in the technology-business world, will be able to lead the patent/product and company to a high level, technological success and optimal business development. 
In the Interactive and global world of the 21st century, technological restrictions are not a remote barrier difficult to reach. Technologies and scientific capabilities enable intellectual creativity of entrepreneurs, engineers and businessmen in order to reach goals and directions that in the past were not attainable or possible to implement.
Top Co. has a number of strategic, professional and business collaborations and relations with various companies worldwide, including in the United States, Germany, and Hong Kong/China. The Company has very close personal and business relations in China.
Areas of business technology activities in the Company:
  • Mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics.
  • Industry - including plastics and the polymers industry.
  • Electronics.
  • Green energy.
  • Biology, biotechnology.
  • Cellular communications and technology.
  • High Tech - computers, software and hardware.
  • Optics and optoelectronics.
  • Security.
  • Water.
  • Agriculture.
  • Sports.
  • Games and toys.
  • Different types of consumption products.
  • Housewares and utensils.
  • Gardening products.
Key administrative and professional staff of the Company:
  • CEO and head development manager - Nir Schechter, architect by training and engaging for over 20 years in the design and registration of patents, development of products, technologies and international business development. 
  • Office manager - Liraz Halfend Shechter.
  • Israel director of marketing and sales - Lior Bharat.
  • United States director of marketing - Dudi Deshe.
  • Mechanical engineer - David Nativ.
  • Intellectual property legal advisor and assistant - Dr. Attorney Mark Friedman.
  • Accountant - Ran Dekel.
  • Attorney - Aharon Schwartz.

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