What are the process stages? 

As part of our work we accompany the idea’s development stages vis-a-vis the entrepreneur/inventor, and following, design and development of the patent and product, up to the preparation of the product for marketing and future sales. Whether it is a new invention within the medical field, a patent within the high-tech domain, software or hardware, various devices, toys and many others. As we arrive at the stage of registering the patent we go through, together with the customer, the various steps in testing the venture, future product ideas formulated in the process, and explain time and again that the process of registering a patent is long and strategic, consisting of many details that should be addressed and construct “a puzzle” called a registered patent. 

First of all - why is it important to duly register your patent?

The process of registering a patent is necessary mainly in order to grant you copyrights (IP) and protect you against any unauthorized commercial use of your patent, production, marketing and copy that may appear following an invention, patent and new product. And these are issues that accompany any person and entrepreneur who had invented something new and are going through these procedures. A patent under registration procedures and/or that had been accepted as well as passed the tests and had been approved, binds any person or business party who wishes to make use of your idea and product in the commercial, business and marketing aspects. And should he so wish, he will be required to contact you and ask for your permission. 

The process of design and registration of a patent is very complex and it is highly recommended that it be carried out under characterization and studying three central issues. The legal aspect, the technology aspect, the business marketing aspect. Therefore it is highly recommended to be assisted by our Company’s services, where this issue is its guiding light and the basis of its existence, after many years of experience and success in these issues; upon completion of the procedure you will obtain legal protection and as a result, a very substantial financial advantage vis-a-vis competing and similar products worldwide as well. And you will have an “insurance certificate” for the idea and great investment you made throughout the design and work on the registration of the patent.
The first stage in the patent process: “Scan and search for patents"
The first step before beginning the design process and registration of a patent, submitting the material for formally registering the patent, is a ”patent scan”. In fact such is characterization of the analysis of the invention’s/idea’s/product’s  principles and conducting a selective and dedicated search in the patent repositories worldwide, in order to ensure that your invention is original, and that no one had beat you to it and registered an identical or similar patent. 

In order to conduct the search/scan in a professional and high quality manner, it is recommended to work closely with experts in the design and registration of patents, who are well familiar with the process and able to locate problematic issue on the way to register your patent. A patent scan is a must, and so in order to prevent, among other things, unnecessary expenses during the procedure of registering a patent that may have been already registered in the past. And also, in order to know which patents are similar and/or close to the new invention that is to be promoted as a patent.

The second stage: Initial application for the registration of a patent – PROVISIONAL

Registration of a patent is carried out by submitting a detailed application to the Patent Office in your country of origin (it is recommended to do so in the United States), which includes all of the principles, foundations and material details in respect of the invention. The application specifies the nature and essence of the invention, method and/or process included in the invention, innovation functions and anything related to the originality and innovation of the invention matter. Registration of a patent is in fact a procedure of proving originality, innovation and exposure of an innovative invention, where upon completion of the process you will obtain the full stamp of approval for the patent. Therefore, the correct professional manner and process are extremely important. 

The application and the invention’s material, including charts, figures and simulations, are to be drawn while being accompanied by a company that specializes in the design and registration of patents that is able to offer in addition to the accompaniment and legal advice, technology, business and marketing aspects as well, which in many cases may have a big impact on the application and success of the patent/product in the future.
We provide comprehensive guidance in the design, development and submitting an application for the patent. (As later on the patent will be required to pass tests until given final and complete approval). 
The registration of the patent will be valid in approximately 170 countries worldwide and will be valid for one year (12 months only).

The third stage: The patent going forward to an advanced stage and initial test - PCT

After submitting the patent for the first time as an application for a provisional patent and according to the venture/invention/product’s progress, however no later than one year following the date of submitting the initial application for registration. It is required to move forward to the next stage (PCT), a stage at which the application and patent will undergo professional scrutiny and initial test.

The patent examiner will review various aspects concerning the invention presented to him, and will attempt to find parameters that may deny innovation in respect of patents and/or products that already exist in the world.

At this stage the examiner will publish the patent in all of the patent repositories worldwide, in order to enable objections of people, companies or other inventors.

The fourth stage - registering the patent in any relevant country worldwide - NF

It should be examined in the business aspect and/or in principle, in which countries we wish for the patent to be registered in a permanent, complete and official manner. The Patent Office, by a local patent examiner in each country, reviews the patent’s material compared to other patents he may find in the domain, reviews objections that may arise on behalf of the public, after the patent’s material had already been publicly released in the past (PCT). Should there be any objections or where the examiner has reservations in respect of innovation, the application may be denied. In this case it is possible to conduct negotiations and a professional argument with the examiner and it is quite desirable that a professional and very experienced patent registration office will handle the entire procedure. 

In the event where there is/are material problem/s with the innovation of the patent and there is/are many objections, the Patent Office may deny the application for registering the patent. In the event where one innovative principles’ claim is accepted by the examiner, it will be possible to obtain a patent. However, it is desirable and important to obtain a comprehensive, wide and high quality patent to the extent possible. The registration of the overall patent is valid for 20 years following its registration.

It’s important to know that there are several ways and methods for registering a patent, and there are faster ways than the manner presented below. On the other hand, the manner presented below is the most professional and correct one for most of the patents, including where there is process of developing a patent or product or a development of a company/venture that take months or a number of years. And including where it is required to raise financing and investments for a patent/venture.

Further down the road and the patent life after its official approval, it will be necessary to pay fees in each and every country in which the patent had been registered in a final manner, and payment of the fees will be renewed every 2-3 years in each country.

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