All that is important to know about the Registrar of Patents

How can it be ensured that the rights to the exciting invention you have been thinking about for so long will remain yours? 
The secret lays with the Registrar of Patents who is in fact responsible for registering the patent in a legal and formal manner, vis-à-vis the state institutions. In this article we have collected for you some identifying details on the Registrar of Patents and on the important process in dealing with him in order to obtain the final stamp on your patent. 

Meet the Patents Department

The Registrar of Patents is actually an office operating under the Patents Department of the Authority at the Ministry of Justice. This Authority is responsible for registering patents and inventions submitted by developers, inventors and entrepreneurs nationwide. 
The Registrar of Patents constitutes part of a large department, to which all applications for patents are submitted according to domains. 
Each application is referred to a specific invention domain, depending on the subject it engages with. As part of this referral each patent is examined by an engineer or a specialist academically certified in the field, and after a long process of reviewing references and objections of various entities against the patent and other information, the Registrar of Patents approves the application and the inventor in fact obtains the credit for his invention. Credit that is legally valid. 
The Authority enables the receipt of a lot of information on the patent registration even prior to conducting the process itself. Among other things, there is a library where you may find a lot of information on inventions and patents and be assisted by professionals working under the Authority. 

The Registrar of Patents and handling international applications

The Registrar of Patents handles, among other things, international applications as well. The Provisional is a proposal submitted pursuant to the governing law in the United States, as a legal document designed to obtain a temporary patent stamp from the American Patent office (USPTO). The patent is kept under the laws of the United States for one year, as during this year the inventor is required to duly settle the registration of the patent. 
In addition to handling Provisionals, a department handling international applications pursuant to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). This department accompanies the inventors submitting an application for registering patents in the international arena, examines the applications and acts for such to be approved. 
The Registrar of Patents allows the registration of an international patent since 1996, at which time the State of Israel had joined this Treaty. As a result, Israeli inventors are able to register patents on the international level, which contributes to the promotion and development of the industry, entrepreneurship and commerce in Israel. 
Since joining this Treaty and opening the International Department at the Authority, the Registrar of Patents copes with a huge number of applications. Since 1996 the number of applications for registration of patents has doubled and had increased to 6,000 applications annually, which has led to the growth of the Department. 

Should you refer to the Registrar of Patents on your own?

Since this is a long process, which includes an examination of the market revolving around the domain in which the patent engages, a search for similar patents in order to ensure that there no registration of an identical patent already, submitting very detailed applications to the Registrar of Patents, and an approval process that may take even several years, it is preferable to be assisted by a professional body specializing in this area. 
Our firm assists inventors, entrepreneurs and developers in the country in applying for the Registrar of Patents’ approval of inventions and patents of all areas, from hi-tech through industry, from health through consumerism. The legal assistance, professional staff and the vast know-how that has been accumulated over the years assist in creating more accurate applications and lead to the registration of the patent in a smooth manner with no problems on the way. 

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